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Better late than April...

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Okay…my section was supposed to introduce my characters and the world and it was supposed to be up by January 1st.

Frankly, I haven’t been doing so good with deadlines lately.  I’m wrestling with my dead-tree publishers among other things and writing had started to feel like punishment.  The whole idea behind Seeking North — my end of it, anyway — was to write something completely different, something that didn’t have so much baggage.  And it’s worked…just more slowly than I’d hoped it would.

So, here it is, February 4th (in Florida…it’s still February 3rd further west) and I’m finally posting the last section of what should have been on on January 1st.

Now we get to the fun part…making the stories braid together!

4 comments to Better late than April…

  • From this reader’s point of view, and someone familiar with editing for an amateur story site, you, Lynn, and CJ and Jane have been remarkably fast, not lagging. I’m surprised you’re all posting more than once monthly. I also understand what it’s like being a primary caregiver. So please, don’t feel bad. You all are doing great.

    …Ooh! Another new installment — in less than a week. Suddenly glad I wike up in the middle of the night! Thanks!

  • chondrite

    Bah. We should complain, for free hot off the word processor material, and a fascinating look inside the process? I would say you should only grow headfirst in the ground like a turnip, but that would prevent you writing the next installment 😉 😀

  • “Woke.” I meant to write, “woke.” LOL, Maybe I wasn’t as “awike” as I thought? (Darn tiny iPhone kybd.)

    Hmm…You never know; there could be a chapter wherein the brave turnip saves the hero in distress…. Or the invasion of the turnip people from the roots and tubers empire? Hmm, nope, probably been done….. 😉 (Route de Vega?) ;D

  • I will admit to only reading two books by CJ, and none by either Jane or Lynn. And I’m new to the whole “shared world” thing. I will also be honest, the Seeking North stories were a little slow to grab my interest, but now I’m eagerly looking forward to the rest. My only comment about the stories thus far is that they remind me of “Dune” by Frank Herbert and “A Canticle for Leibowitz” by Walter M. Miller.

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