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If you want to read Seeking North offline...

Print Friendly

Since Seeking North is something of a Closed Circle project and Closed Circle is an electronic publishing venture, we’ve been looking into ways to make our collaboration more e-reader friendly.

We have (that is to say, Jane has) gotten pretty good at converting stable manuscripts to various e-reader formats, but Seeking North isn’t stable.  At the very least it lengthens on a monthly basis and we’ve warned you that there’s a good chance that we’re eventually going to do some editorial work that could significantly reshape the story.  Jane’s meticulous conversion protocols, then, aren’t really going to work but we have found a quick-and-dirty alternative.

Enter: PrintFriendly

PrintFriendly is a free service that converts a chunk of web-text into a pdf document.  It’s got two modes of operation:

1. Copy the “Our Story So Far” URL into the handy-dandy input box at the PrintFriendly site and let it do its magic.  When the magic’s complete, you can save its “print friendly” output to a downloadable pdf file.

2. Click the little green button and Word Press will send the URL to PrintFriendly for you.  (Note to NoScript users: NoScript interprets this URL exchange as a cross-scripting attempt and will block it until you allow an “Unsafe Reload”)

Once I’d gotten the pdf file, I grabbed it with Calibre and converted it to a mobi file which I then transferred to my Kindle (meaning I can take Jane’s March installment to bed with me tonight!)

It’s a bare-bones conversion, mostly because it’s a very plain html input.  If I wanted to, I could mess around with Calibre to improve the appearance of the text (my biggest complaint is going to be a lack of paragraph indents).  OTOH, it’s fast, free, and will get the job done month after month.


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